Suwassett Chapter # 195 Royal Arch 

Port Jefferson, NY


To discover that which was lost, the journey of a Master Mason must continue...




Suwassett # 195

Traditional Observance

What makes Suwassett Chapter different?

  1. Ritual Excellence
  2. Enlightening Education
  3. Proper Masonic Dress
  4. Deeper Fellowship
  5. Fewer 'Business' Meetings
  6. Selectivity
  7. Commitment

Dramatic Degrees

Suwassett Chapter presents the degrees of Mark Master Mason, Most Excellent Master, and the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem with the solemnity, drama, and effect within a rich atmosphere, deserving for our worthy candidates

Enlightening Education

Suwassett Chapter hosts Masonic education presentations at every Convocation from members or visitors with topics such as history, religious, philosophy, alchemy, Hermetica, operative craft, mythology, and more

Lasting Companionship

We only accept into our portals those worthy Master Masons who are of humility, of an enlightened mind, and of genuine friendship. Our social frivolity celebrates our lasting companionships

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